The Artist

Carlton Larsen is a singer-songwriter and music instructor. His voice covers baritone to tenor, from a growl to a croon. He plays and teaches guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, dobro and banjo. He also plays percussion.

Carlton has taught lessons for over 20-years. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Degree in Music. Carlton blends and bends genres including blues, country, rock, folk, and beyond. He is inspired by many singer-songwriters and loves to load his lyrics with meaning. Stories and relationships are the heart of every show, both in and between the songs. For solo concerts, Carlton incorporates a variety of instruments to fit the songs. Whatever serves the music is served to the audience.

The Instruments for

Music Lessons

professional guitar lessons


The guitar is often considered the coolest instrument. It can blend in or stand out. Electric or acoustic. Six, seven, or twelve strings. Classical, romantic, country, jazz, or rock. Pick, strum, hammer, or slide. The guitar can do it all. If you are willing to learn and practice, Carltones can teach you to play.
professional mandolin lessons


Mandolins are a member of the lute family and look like small guitars. They have four pairs of steel strings tuned to a violin pitch. Mandolins are available in registers from soprano to contrabass. They are often featured in classical and bluegrass musical compositions. Carltones can teach you to play.
professional bass guitar lessons


The bass guitar differs from a standard guitar in a few areas. Bass guitars are generally larger with a longer neck. They are usually an octave lower than guitars. Bass guitars will have four or five strings compared to six or more for guitars. The rhythm of the song is often set by the bass and percussion. Carltones can teach you to play.
professional dobro lessons


A Dobro is actually a brand of resonator guitar. Gibson, a famous guitar brand owns the right to Dobro. Dobro and resonator are often used interchangeably. They are a type of acoustic guitar that has a metallic, circular cone that acts like an amplifier. Dobros produce a banjo-like sound. Bluegrass, blues, and country music styles. Carltones can teach you to play.
carltone album


Carlton Larsen released his first album on April 30th, 2020. The album is titled “Highway Lovesong”. The album features ten songs. Members of ReverbNation can add songs from the album to their playlist. We hope that you enjoy the album and look forward to releasing more in the future.


Carlton currently has over 20 singles. They are available at https://www.reverbnation.com/carltonlarsen/songs. You can listen to them on the site or purchase some of the songs. We hope that you find the songs enjoyable and inspirational. Please check back for new singles in the future.

Congregation Services

Reverend Carlton Larsen is the current pastor at St. Johns Norrona Lutheran Church. All services are available online and the past services are found here: https://stjohnnorrona.com/all-st-john-norrona-services/