Music, in one form or another, has been with us since the beginning of recorded time. When the technology was invented, we started to record music, but that is another story. Today we have the technology to offer music lessons over the Internet. Some people seem to have a natural ability to play music. Most of us have to take lessons and put in lots of work. Carlton Larsen has the skill to play music and instruct others. He happens to be very good at both. If you would like to learn how to play, Carlton might be able to help. Carlton provides musical instruction on guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, dobro and banjo. If you are interested, we invite you to contact us.
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The guitar is often considered the coolest instrument. It can blend in or stand out with its many styles and sounds. From electric to acoustic six-stringed guitars. They are suited for jazz players as well as country rockers like me. On my way up through classical music, gospel, and blues. If you’re willing to learn how then come talk at Carltones. We’ll be able to teach you about playing this noisy but amazing thing called “The Guitar.” For any novice player looking into picking up this amazing sounding instrument. Carltones can teach them all about it. Eric Clapton had to start someplace. Maybe you can discover that place too. Our online lessons allow you to learn at your own pace. You can learn how to play the guitar.

View free guitar lessons from my YouTube channel by clicking here.


Mandolins look like small guitars. They add an amazing sound to your music. Very distinctive and classy. They have four pairs of steel strings tuned to a violin pitch. Mandolins are available in higher registers like soprano. Also in low registers like contrabass. They are often featured in classical and bluegrass musical compositions. Frequently playing a central role in the music. Carltones can teach you to play the mandolin. We can’t promise that you will sound like Adam Steffey, Ricky Skaggs, or Sierra Hull. We do know that you will sound better after the lessons than before.
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If you are a fan of the bass guitar you might have been inspired by some of these classics. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, My Generation by The Who, Money by Pink Floyd, or Another One Bites The Dust by Queen. They might have inspired you to play your air guitar. Okay, your air bass. We hear you, and hear you and hear you. Bass guitars rock. We agree with you. We are ready to bring your bass playing to its pinnacle. Carltones offers bass guitar lessons. You can learn at your own pace over the internet. Call us to see if our bass lessons are right for you.


The Dobro is like the Band-Aid. Both are actual brand names that are frequently used to describe products. The Dobro is brand of resonator guitar. Carltones can teach you how to play the Dobro and you will also be able to play the resonator guitar. Bluegrass music is the largest home for Dobro contributions. It does play a key role in some non-bluegrass pieces. Songs like Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac), Let it Grow (Eric Clapton), and Nashville Skyline Rag (Bob Dylan). A passion for Bluegrass might make you a great candidate for Dobro lessons. Whatever your motivation, Carltones provides Dobro lessons to get you down the road.
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